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How many times has Hannah Bunker been told she could not …? 


Entering Walled Lake Northern as a freshman, high school softball started to click early. 


Sophomore Season


Hannah earning All-State honors.


Junior Season


Hannah earned All-State honors. 


Senior Season


Hannah earned All-State honors. 


Freshman Season – UMass


After a great junior year, she committed to University of Massachusetts earning herself a Division I scholarship.  During Hannah’s freshman season she started to struggle for the first time in her softball career.  This was a game that was easy for Hannah.  She worked harder than anyone and she succeeded.  Doubts started to creep in and her freshman season continued to spiral.  Every day was a challenge and Hannah could not find a way out.  Softball was no longer any fun.  Mercifully, her freshman season came to an end and she came home.  Here average dropped all the way down to .256.


Freshman Summer – Back in Michigan, Hannah had to make a decision, was college softball for her.  Could she still play?  Was she good enough.  She just finished a two month slump.  With her career in the balance, Hannah did what Hannah does, she went back to work.  She spent hours and hours throwing and hitting.  In her first summer tournament, she got over ten hits and could not make an out.  The old Hannah was back.  Her confidence was back.  She hit over .600 last summer. 


Sophomore Season – UMass


Hannah started slow but found her stride.  She was moved to the leadoff spot, where she was most comfortable.  During the remainder of the season, UMass’s offense went on a tear with Hannah raising her average to .359.  At the conclusion of the season – Hannah earned an increase to a full-ride scholarship.


Follow Hannah at UMass during her junior season.

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