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2/1/2021 Jack Lyndrup (2021 L'Anse Cruse) Jack Lyndrup was born premature with underdeveloped lungs that led to frequent hospitalizations and the need for oxygen support in his early years.  Jack was born with weakness on the right side of his body from a mild case of Cerebral Palsy that required him to wear specialty leg braces.  Jack had a compromised immune system causing him  undergo immune therapy.  With all of these early struggles, Jack was determined to play sports.  His first attempt was soccer but even though he liked it, he struggled keeping up with of all the running.  His lungs and his residual right side weakness made it very difficult. 

He decided to try baseball because it wouldn’t require as much running. He started playing for Jet Box Baseball in 2012 and after 9 years of hard work, Jack Lyndrup earned a full scholarship as a catcher.  There is nothing Jack Lyndrup can not accomplish.

11/9/2020 Matthew McIntosh 2023 Graduate

Congrats to Matthew McIntosh on his first official college offer.  As a sophomore, this is a great accomplishment.  

10/22/2020 Patrick Mullen (NPD 2020)

Patrick Mullen scored a 36 on his ACT.  A perfect score.

10/14/2020 Nolan Smigiel (Siena Heights)  

Two years ago, I met Nolan Smigiel.  Nolan was 16 years old and recovering from a broken throwing shoulder.  Our first day, we talked about learning to throw again after a devastating injury.  Nolan’s first goal was to pitch again.  We started at 30 feet and worked up to 100 feet in the first 60 days.  In January of 2019, Nolan threw his first bullpen.  After reaching his first goal, he set his sights on pitching in college.  I am proud to report that Nolan Smigiel, 2 years post broken throwing shoulder is a member of the Siena Heights Baseball team.  I could not be more proud of Nolan.

10/19/2020 Mark Avery  

In the past couple of weeks, I have been sent out of the blue a video during my career at Wayne State from 1990 and my Topps Baseball Card head shots from 1994 during spring training with the Detroit Tigers .  Covid has led to a lot of people cleaning out their basements.

9/28/2020 Reid Dial (U10)  Reid worked really hard this off-season after only throwing 2/3 of an inning in 2019.  His max velocity in 2019 was 44 mph.  In 2020, Reid increased his velocity to 54 mph.   He threw 21 1/3 of an inning striking out over a batter an inning and he only gave up 16 hits.  Great job Reid!

9/25/2020 Drew Cavanaugh (2020 Grad)  Perfect game just released the TOP INCOMING JUCO FRESHMAN.  Drew Cavanaugh came in at 81 in the country.  There are over 2500 incoming Junior College freshman in the country.  Since the 2020 Major League Draft was shortened from 50 rounds to 5 rounds, many of the top high school players that would have been drafted last year chose the JUCO route to be eligible for the 2021 Major League Baseball Draft.  This could be considered the greatest JUCO Freshman class ever.

9/25/2020 Allisa DiPrima (18U)- After accepting a scholarship to OU, she worked harder than ever.  In January, she threw 55 mph and had an exit speed hitting of 60 mph.  She has improved her throwing velocity to 63 mph and her exit speed to 70 mph.  Here is a great story from earlier this year.

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