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Broken Shoulder!

Nolan Smigiel broke his shoulder throwing a baseball 5 years ago.  He did not tear his rotator cuff or his Ulnar Collateral Ligament (UCL) he broke a bone throwing a baseball.  I am not sure what he was taught, but in 32 years I had never heard of this.  Dr. Steven Plomaritis, the doctor that put me together every time I was injured referred Nolan to me to re-learn how to throw.  In 32 years, every pitcher I have ever referred to Dr. P has always returned, many times better than before.  But this, was something new.  We started throwing at 30 feet and went through the arduous task of strengthening his arm and learning how to throw.  Nolan worked hard every day.   He was relentless and the progress was slow.  I am sure there was times that he did not think he was going to pitch again.  Day after day for 18 months he worked until he was offered a scholarship to play baseball at Siena Heights.

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